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  Name Primary Responsibilities Fax Number Cell Number E-mail 
  Randy Rehbein President 303-765-0672 N/A  N/A
  Cathie Constable Credit Manager 303-744-3359 N/A SWINCCC@YAHOO.COM
  Dawn Rehbein Secretary/Treasurer 303-765-0672 N/A   N/A       
  Marcy Butler Accounts Receivable/Payable, Payroll 303-765-0672 N/A STATEWIDEAP@QWESTOFFICE.NET
  Terry Odean Secretary 303-765-0672 N/A N/A
  Travis Kirchgraber Inside Sales 303-744-3359 N/A  SWINCTK@YAHOO.COM
  Frank McClelland Office Operations, Ordering 303-744-3359 303-434-3118 SWINCFM@YAHOO.COM
  Jim Constable Receiving/Ordering 303-744-3359 N/A N/A
  Michael Kelly Dispatch/Quotes 303-744-3359 303-435-9833 SWINCMK@YAHOO.COM
  Cesar Mota Inside Sales 303-744-3359 N/A SWINCCM@YAHOO.COM
  Rich Hanley Inside Sales 303-744-3359  N/A SWINCRH@GMAIL.COM






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